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CW2002 Program

The First International Symposium on Cyber Worlds

Place of conference: Sky Hall, BT (Boissonade Tower) 26th floor,
Hosei University, Ichigaya, Tokyo, Japan

November 6 (Wednesday)

10 :00-13 :00       Tutorial I - V. Savchenko: Shape Modeling, Computer Graphics and Animation by Means of Radial Basis Functions
14 :00-17 :00       Tutorial II - S. Liu: Formal Engineering Methods for Software Development - An Introduction to SOFL

November 7 (Thursday)

8 :30-9 :00       Registration
9 :00-9 :15       Welcome and Opening - Ohmori and Kunii
9 :15-10 :15       Keynote - Tetsuya Sato: What can the Earth Simulator Impact on Humans? (Chair: N. Koike)
10 :15-10 :30       Coffee Break
10 :30-12 :30       Parallel Sessions

Session A1: Parallel/Distributed Processing (Chair: S-L, Lee)

  • Data Redistribution Using MPI User-Defined Types
          S-W Bai and C-S Yang
  • Design and Implementation of a Leasing Service
          M. Aleksy and R. Gitzel
  • Efficient Data Compression Methods for Multi-dimensional Sparse Array Operations
          C-Y Lin, Y-C Chung and J-S Liu
  • Algorithms and Complexity for Weighted Hypergraph Embedding in a Cycle
          S-L Lee and H-J Ho
  • Session C1: Multimedia Retrieval and Synthesis (Chair: M. Hirakawa)

  • Content-based Video Retrieval using Mosaic Images
          M. Hirakawa, K. Uchida and A. Yoshitaka
  • Study of Relative Effectiveness of Features in Content-Based Image Retrievals
          S.R. Subramanya, Jui-Che Teng and Yongjian Fu
  • A Stitching Algorithm of Still Pictures with Camera Translation
          Y. Linghong and M. Hirakawa
  • A Hybrid Method for Estimating the Euclidean Distance between Two Vectors
          Chin-Chen Chang, Po-Wen Lu and Ju-Yuan Hsiao
  • Robotic Spatial Sound Localization and Its 3-D Sound Human Interface
          J. Huang, K. Kume, A. Saji, M. Nishihashi, T. Watanabe and W.L. Martens
  • Session C2: Multimedia Presentation and Protection (Chair: Leonard Barolli)

  • An Adaptive Architecture for Multi-stream Authoring and Presentations in Distributed Networks
          Chung-Ming Huang, Pei-Chuan Liu and Tz-Heng Hsu
  • Adaptive Content Model for Multimedia Presentation
          Lawrence Y. Deng and Timothy K. Shih
  • An Image Copyright Protection Scheme Based on Torus Automorphism
          Chin-Chen Chang, Ju-Yuan Hsiao and Chi-Lung Chiang
  • Watermark in Color Image
          Ren-Junn Hwang and Chuan-Ho Kao
  • Sharing a Secret Gray Image in Multiple Images
          C-C Chang and T-X Yu
  • Session D1: Topological Modeling (Chair: S. Yukita)

  • Presenting Methods for Unraveling the First Two Regular 4D Polytopes (4D simplex and the Hypercube)
          Antonio Aguilera Ramirez and Ricardo Perez Aguila
  • Shape Modeling Using Cellular Structured Spaces
          Kenji Ohmori and Wona Lee
  • Design Patterns For Topological Modeling
          Shuichi Yukita

  • 12 :30-13 :30       Lunch Time
    13 :30-15 :45       Invited Talks (Chair: J. Ma)

  • Process of Software Evolution
          Tetsuo Tamai
  • Virtual Rooms for Building Complex Interactive Learning Environments
          Marion Hagler
  • Towards automatic segmentation in reverse engineering
          Guido Brunnett

  • 15 :45-16 :00       Coffee Break
    16 :00-17 :30       Parallel Sessions

    Session A2: Parallel/Distributed Architectures (Chair: Y. Li)

  • Reliable Distributed Search Engine based on Multiple Meta Servers
          N. Sato, M. Udagawa, Y. Sakai and H. Mori
  • From Dualcube to Metacube: high-performance and low-degree alternatives for hypercube
          Y. Li, S. Peng and W. Chu
  • Performance Analysis of SVD Algorithm on the Trident Processor
          M. Soliman and S. Sedukhin
  • Session C3: Networking and Information Security (Chair: C-K Wu)

  • Vertically Stacked Benes Networks for Crosstalk-free Permutation
          X. Jiang, H. Shen, Md. M-R Khandker and S. Horiguchi
  • Internet Voting: Concerns and Solutions
          C-K Wu and Ramesh Sankaranarayana
  • The General Autocorrelation and Its Application
          Baodian Wei, Dongsu Liu and Xinmei Wang
  • Key Exchange Protocols For Multiparty Communication
          C-C Chang and C-W Chan
  • Cryptanalysis of the WD Public-Key Cryptosystem
          H-F Huang and C-C Chang
  • Session C4: Network Routing and QoS Control (Chair: K.M. Sim)

  • Multiple ANT-Colony Opitimization for Network Routing
          Kwang Mong Sim and Weng Hong Sun
  • QoS Control in Group Communication
          Takuya Tojo and Makoto Takizawa
  • A New QoS Routing Approach for Multimedia Applications based on Genetic Algorithms
          L. Barolli, A. Koyama, H. Sawada, T. Suganuma and N. Shiratori
  • Synchronous Parallel GA with Nearly Zero Sequential Computation
          Nobuhiro Okamoto and Qiangfu Zhao
  • Session D2: Shape Transformations (Chair: G. Brunnett)

  • Topological Morphing Using Reeb Graphs
          P. Kanongchaiyos, T. Nishita, Y. Shinagawa, and T.L. Kunii
  • Free-Form Deformation with Automatically Generated Multiresolution Lattices
          Y. Ono, B-Y Chen, T. Nishita and J. Feng,
  • A Practical Image Retouching Method
          V. Savchenko, N. Kojekine, and H. Unno
  • Mesh Median Filter For Smoothing 3-D Polygonal Surfaces
          H. Yagou, A. Belyaevy, and D. Wei

  • 18 :30-20 :00       Reception

    November 8 (Friday)

    8 :30-9 :00       Registration
    9 :00-10 :15       Keynote - Tosiyasu L. Kunii: Cyber Graphics (Chair: V. Savchenko)
    10 :15-10 :30       Coffee Break
    10 :30-12 :30       Parallel Sessions

    Session B1: Software Engineering (Chair: S. Liu)

  • A Unified Framework for Software Development
          I. Ho, Z. Komiya, B. Pham, S. Sayavong, and K. Yana
  • A Simulation Approach to Verification and Validation of Formal Specifications
          S. Liu
  • Strategies to Suppress Productivity Decrease with Unknown Issues under Interactive Development Process
          T. Fujii, Y. Kombayashi
  • Database Semantics Representation for Natural Language Access
          I-S Kang, J-H Bae and J-H Lee
  • Session C5: E-Commerce and E-Education (Chair: A. Hazeyama)

  • An Agent Based e-marketplace over e-business
          Y-H Wang, W-N Wang, C-A Wang and A-C Cheng
  • An E-shopping System with Different Negotiation Models
          H. Ouchiyama, T.Yamazaki and R. Huang
  • Design of an Effective Learning Method SQ3R Based Distance Learning System
          G. Zhang, Z. Cheng, T. Huang, A. He and A. Koyama
  • Web-based Software Engineering Education Environment Supporting Collaboration between the Teacher Side and the Student Groups
          Atsuo Hazeyama
  • University Software Education Matched to Social Requests
          T. Yamaura and A. K. Onoma
  • Session C6: Wireless Internet Service and P2P System (Chair: Timothy K. Shih)

  • An Agent Based Campus Information Providing System for Cellular Phone
          A. Koyama, N. Takayama, L. Barolli, Z. Cheng and N. Kamibayashi
  • Mobile Distributed Web Server System
          Jason C. Hung
  • A Push-Type Groupware System to Facilitate Small Group Collaboration
          Roman Shtykh and Qun Jin
  • MMS PDA Client and KIOSK Using a P2P Mode
          Nitin Mittal and Kin Choong Yow
  • Session D3: CG and Computer Art Applications (Chair: A. Sourin)

  • TRLE - An Efficient Data Compression Scheme for Image Composition of Parallel Volume Rendering Systems
          C-F Lin, Y-C Chung, and D-L Yang
  • A Real-Time Configurable Shader Based on Lookup Tables
          E. Ohbuchi and H. Unno
  • Possible Techniques for Three Dimensional Hatching
          V. Savchenko, H. Unno, and N. Kojekine
  • Interactive Function-based Artistic Shape Modeling
          K. Levinski and A. Sourin

  • 12 :30-13 :30       Lunch Time
    13 :30-15 :10       Invited Talks (Chair: K. Ohmori)

  • Knowledge Management and Cyberworlds
          Peter Eklund,
  • Distance Education Technologies: Current Trends and Software Systems
          Timothy K. Shih

  • 15 :10-15 :30       Coffee Break
    15 :30-17 :30       Parallel Sessions

    Session B2: Intelligent Computing (Chair: Y. Sato)

  • Thai OCR Error Correction Using Genetic Algorithm
          K. Somguntar, K. Siriboon and B. Kruatrachue
  • HMM Topology Selection for On-Line Thai Handwritten Recognition
          K. Siriboon, A. Jirayusakul and B. Kruatrachue
  • Using the RNN to Develop a Web-Based Pattern Recognition System for the Pattern Search of Components Database
          S-J Hsiao, S-C Ou, K-C Fan and W-T Sung
  • Result Integration in a Meta Web Search Engine
          B Xu, W. Zhang and H Yang
  • Session C7: XML Technology and Web System Model (Chair: S. Nakajima)

  • XML Data Dictionary for Multidimensional Metadata Modeling
          Peng Xu
  • XML vs. Object-Oriented XML: Motivations, Applications, and Performance Evaluation
          Hon Chung MAK, Edmund, Shermann S.M. Chan and Qing Li
  • Verification of Web Service Flows with Model-Checking Techniques
          Shin Nakajima
  • A Cellular Design System for Soft- and Varied Sized- Objects
          Kazuteru Matsumoto and Tosiyasu L. Kunii
  • Session C8: Advanced Web Application and Tool (Chair: Akio Koyama)

  • HLPM - A High Level Protocol Monitoring Tool for Education
          A. Imai and S. Yukita
  • OntoRama: Browsing RDF Ontologies Using a Hyperbolic Browser
          Peter Eklund, Steve Green and Natalyia Roberts
  • Extensible Requirements Patterns of Web Application for Efficient Web Application Development
          Romi Satria Wahono and Jingde Cheng
  • A Novel Datacube Model Supporting Interactive Web-log Mining
          Tadashi Ohmori, Yuichi Tsutatani and Mamoru Hoshi
  • Function-based 3D Web Visualization
          Lai Feng Min and Alexei Sourin
  • Session D4: VR Applications (Chair: M. Cohen)

  • Autonomous and Robust Navigation for Simulated Humanoid Characters in Virtual Environments
          T. Frohlich and D. Kullmann
  • A Hierarchically Structured Constraint-based Data Model for Solid Modelling in a Virtual Reality Environment
          Y. Zhong, Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig, and W. Ma
  • Beyond Flat Panning and Zooming: Dolly-Enhanced SQTVR
          Noor A. Bolhassan, W. Martens, and M. Cohen
  • Cybernarium Days 2002 - A public experience of Virtual and Augmented Worlds
          J. Behr, P. Eschler, T. Frohlich, C. Knopfle, B. Lutz, S. Muller, and M. Roth

  • 18 :00-20 :00       Banquet

    Sponsored by:
     Hosei University, Japan 

     powered by RAT 
    With the support of:
    Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany 
    Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies, Russia